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When you need the ultimate protection for a high-value load, there's a special kind of trailer for the job. Conestoga trailers use a tarp system that maximizes space for a wide variety of loads. This versatility has made them one of the most popular types of trailers in the trucking industry.

Conestoga trailers offer the ultimate weatherproofed protection. If you need to keep a line of goods fully climate controlled, this is the trailer to choose. You can move odd or oversized loads with full security using this type of trailer. Best of all, the tarp is retractable, allowing the driver to access the load via forklift from practically any angle of approach.

It is true that because of their highly specialized nature and unique design features, Conestoga trailers will normally be a bigger initial investment for shippers.

However, forming a productive partnership with a qualified 3PL provider will go a long way toward offsetting these upfront costs.

A 3PLs partnership is set up to offer specialized solutions that include trailers of the Conestoga variety. This added depth will allow you to customize your shipping strategy in order to make maximum use of the extra opportunities that come with employing a Conestoga trailer.

This independent access to all parts of the load in a Conestoga trailer means that drivers can drop multiple loads off at a series of locations all along the route. This ensures that the delivery will be made and the driver will be off to the next drop point at a much faster clip than if they were driving a flatbed or dry van trailer.
Time is money, and using a Conestoga trailer saves you plenty of both.

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